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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I’m going to a party at the community centre. Sophie asked if I could come at school yesterday, because Zoe is on holiday, and Natalie broke her arm at Drayton Manor Park.

This is my first party of the year that has been outside my house, with people that aren’t just my Mum and Dads friends, and there is going to be a magician! It’s also fancy dress, which mum is annoyed about because she only has this morning to find an outfit.

I’m going to the party in my Halloween outfit, which is Wednesday Addams. I wear my long black velvet skirt and mum plaits my hair, then I put fake blood down my lips, because I had some that needed using up.

Mum tells me Tom’s mum said he would be at the party too. I say, 'I don’t care', but I do, because I want him to see me outside of school in my costume.

When I get to the party, I’m so pleased I’ve gone as Wednesday Addams, because everyone else is dressed as the Spice Girls, apart from Tom and Sam who are dressed as Noel and Liam Gallagher.

Wizardy Wayne asks if any one can tear up a packet of cigarette papers with their hands. I think Tom would really like it if he could see how strong I am, so I put my hand up. I can’t do it, and Wizardy Wayne laughs. Then everyone else laughs, even Tom. This makes me feel really hot and red. Wizardy Wayne says Abracadabra and tears them up himself.

All the other tricks are rubbish too. There are no rabbits or saws, and the best bit was when he tore the Yellow Pages in half, but that was just Sellotaped together.

Dad picks me up from the party and I tell him that I hate Wizardy Wayne, I hate Sophie and I hate everyone from school.

Dad says Wizardy Wayne will probably be locked up in a few years, and that he saw Sophie’s dad down the chippy, and he’s a miserable fat old fart, and that there’s no hiding from genetics. And best of all I can have Monday of school to help him dig clay from the brook for a sculpture he’s building. 

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