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Sunday, 4 January 2015


It’s Saturday morning and my sister, Jenny, and me are mixing a packet of coco pops and a packet of cornflakes together from the end of a selection box, so one of us doesn’t have to just eat cornflakes.

Usually at this time on Saturday we see our neighbour’s Kyle and Toby walk past the living room window. They are the same age as my sister, and me, and on Saturday mornings they go to Karate, Tennis and Scouts. Jenny and me see them walk past six times in total, because we are watching our programs on the T.V. by the window the whole time.

This week they don’t walk past though, because they have gone on holiday to Wales, and we are looking after their house.

Mum and me go round to Kyle and Toby’s house to feed their cat, Mr. Percy, and open the curtains. I go up to Kyle’s room. I love going into to Kyle’s room when he’s not there, because usually I’m not allowed to touch his things.

In between the Blue Peter Tracey Island and Karate trophies on Kyle’s shelf, there is a rock band made out of eggshells. I swap the guitar and keyboard player around, and go back downstairs to stroke Mr. Percy.

I’m watching the end of my Aladdin video, when some men walk past the living room window with a T.V. and camcorder on top of Kyle and Toby's sofa. I think they must be back from their holiday early and that their mum and dad are getting some stuff moved.

Mum comes back from giving Mr Percy his evening meal, and I hear her say to dad that the neighbours have been burgled. I tell Mum I saw some men moving stuff from their house earlier and that I thought they were back from Wales. Mum says I shouldn’t ever tell this to Kyle and Toby or their Mum and Dad.

Jenny and me play You’ve Been Framed by going down the stairs on our mattress and pretending to video it; at the end of the game we get £200 of fake money from our toy post office and post it through our letter box.

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