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Tuesday, 17 May 2016



I’m feeding my Tamagotchi a burger and getting ready to go to a sleepover at my cousin Amy’s house.

The phone rings and Mum says it’s for me.


Zoe from my school has rang! Nobody ever rings me from school apart from Amy and she doesn’t count because she’s my cousin. I’m in the school play with Zoe, Sammy and Lisa and they’ve started letting me hang out with them a bit at lunch times. I’m so excited, this is the first time I’ve actually been allowed to Zoe’s house!

I ring Amy and tell her I can’t come round, she says it’s fine, but I feel a bit bad. We’ve been planning a sleepover all week and were meant to meet at Londis in an hour to get supplies.


Zoe lives in a big house on the new estate, she told me she has a bathroom in her bedroom and her mum and dad have a car each! I’ve never been to her house before, but I know what it looks like. Nanny Pam likes going round the show home on the estate with me every couple of weeks to ‘see how the other half live’.  

The doorbell plays a really long song and then Zoe’s Dad, Ian, answers the door.

Ian say’s to Dad ‘This rain wasn’t forecast ‘

 Dad say’s ‘What’

‘This rain wasn’t forecast, I’ll have to move the new motor into the garage’

Both Dad’s look at Ian’s new car.

‘Vauxhall Calibra, drove her straight of the tarmac last week. It was a cheeky birthday pressie to meself. To Ian, happy birthday mate, Love Ian’

Dad says, ‘Right, well erm, what time shall I pick Holl up’

Ian says to me ‘You can stay for tea if you want Holly Pop, so Dad can pick you up around five’

Dad looks at me and gives me a really stupid smile, I know he can’t wait to take the mick out of Ian, but he just says ‘see you later Holl’ and walks to his car.


Ian shows me to Zoe’s room and I go in. Zoe and Lisa are sat on the carpet sticking stuff into their Fun Faxes. I sit down next to them and they ask me about the people at school.

Zoe’s room is pink and she has a million Sillvanian families everywhere. The hedgehog family is having a picnic on her windowsill and a mummy rabbit is doing a food shop on the bedside table. If my sister, Jenny, was here she would say Zoe’s room is babyish and sexist, but I like it.

Zoe and Lisa start talking about Sammy who isn’t here yet, they both say they don’t want Sammy to come round because they don’t like her anymore and that they wish she wasn’t in the play. They say they like me more and ask me if I like Sammy, I feel really hot and then I start to lie. I say I don’t like Sammy either and that I think she’s rubbish in the play, and then I get carried away and start saying her lines in a stupid voice.

They both start laughing. Then Zoe opens the bathroom door. Sammy is stood by the sink and is crying because she has been listening to everything.

 Zoe and Lisa said they lied to test if I was a true friend. I start shaking and tell Sammy I’m sorry and that I didn’t mean it, but the other girls are hugging her and tell me to leave her alone.

I run downstairs and ask Zoe’s dad if I can use the phone. I ring home and Mum answers. I tell her what happened and that when Dad gets home he needs to come back and get me.


I have to wait for ages for Dad to come. I tell Ian and Zoe’s Mum Julie, that I have to go home because I feel really hot. They give me some squash with ice in to try and cool me down, and I sit on the sofa watching Sky TV with them for a bit.

Julie looks out of the living room window into the garden and says ‘ There’s that squirrel again Ian’.

We all walk over to the window to look at the squirrel, Julie asks ‘Whys it on the bird feeder eating those nuts’. I think in my head that Julie’s a boring idiot.


Dad finally gets to Zoe’s and when Ian answers the door I run out. Ian say’s to Dad ‘the sun’s still trying to come out, Shifali said it was forecast for this afternoon on the weather last night, but it’s going on two now and it looks like it might rain again’

Dad says ‘sorry, I’ve got no idea what you’re on about, see ya later yeah’.

We get in the car and I start crying I tell Dad about what happened, he said I shouldn’t have been nasty and that he didn’t think I was like that, which makes me cry even more.

We drive out of Zoe’s horrible estate and Dad starts to take the mick out of Ian to make me laugh ‘To Ian, happy birthday you boring arsewipe! Hope a bird crap’s on yer car, love Ian’.

Dad says we can go through the car wash, to cheer me up. I ask if we can pick Amy up on the way. Amy likes going through the carwash too because you can pretend you’re on Funhouse.

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