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Wednesday, 21 October 2015



Me and Jenny are going Trick or Treating, and Mum is helping me to get ready. I want to be a Vampire Witch Cat, so I’m wearing a black bin bag, fangs and fake blood from Londis, and Mum’s drawing my whiskers on with her eyeliner. Nanny Pam’s lent me some cat ears, from a dressing up box in her bedroom. Jenny’s upstairs making her own outfit, because she said she didn’t need any help.

This is the first time I’ve ever been allowed to go Trick or Treating, but I know what it’s like because I’ve seen it on T.V. loads.


Jenny comes downstairs with a big cheesy grin on her face. She is wearing the bridesmaid dress she wore to Aunty Mandy’s wedding, which she has covered in fake blood and green felt tip. She says she’s going as a dead bridesmaid who drowned on the way to a wedding. Mum says she thinks Jenny looks fantastic, but I think she looks a bit O.T.T, which means over the top.


We knock on our neighbour Irene’s door. Her husband Alan answers and we say, ‘Trick or Treat!’. He says, ‘What’s all this about then?’

 Jenny tells him that he has to give us something like sweets or money. He digs around in his pocket and pulls out a packet of Extra Strong Mints and gives us one each. Then he tells us to beggar off, because Irene’s watching her programmes, and she doesn’t like being disturbed.


We carry on around our block, knocking on all the houses. We get an After Eight, 20p and half a packet of digestive biscuits. Nobody is having a cool party like they do on T.V. There are no pumpkins or cauldrons full of sweets. I don’t really think people in Eastern Green get Trick or Treating.


I step in a dog poo and tell Jenny I want to go home, but she makes us go to the next block, even though we’re not allowed to.

Jenny says that a witch lives in one of the houses on this block, but she can’t remember which one. We knock on a house that has a cactus on a shelf in the porch; Jenny says that’s the sign of a witch.

An old lady opens the door, and we say, ‘Trick or treat!’ she tells us to wait in her living room while she gets the biscuit tin from the kitchen. I forget to take my shoes off, because I’m scared, and get dog poo on her carpet, but she doesn’t notice.

While the old lady is in the kitchen, I ask Jenny if she thinks the she's a witch. Jenny says she’s not sure witch’s watch Home and Away and have a pink curtains.

When the old lady comes back she tells us that it’s nice having some visitors, because she hasn’t seen anyone apart from her carer in three weeks. She gives us a shortbread biscuit each and asks us if we’d like a cup of tea. I tell her we need to go, because we are only aloud out for half an hour.


When we get back to our house, Jenny and me aren’t speaking to each other, because we’ve been arguing about who gets to keep the After Eight. Nanny Pam answers the door and says we both have a face like a slapped arse. I tell her that I hate Eastern Green, I hate Jenny, and I hate Extra Strong Mints!

Nanny Pam swaps our After Eight for 50p and two squashed Cadbury’s Mini Rolls from her handbag. We eat all the stuff we got trick or treating on the sofa and tell ghost stories. Nanny Pam tells us one about the time she thought she saw a ghost in her neighbour Sue’s house, but it was just the Kev, the window cleaner.

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