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Friday, 10 October 2014


It's my birthday, and Dad puts my hair in a special style for school. He puts it in a really high ponytail and gels the sides to my head, leaving two bits down at the front, which we put more gel on. I love my hair like this so much. It looks really shiny and spiky.

Because we spent so long on my hair style, I'm late for school and I don't look at where my feet are going and I step in a dog poo.

When I get into school, the teacher says I can sit on the birthday chair. The birthday chair is a rocking chair with a velvet foot rest and I'm so excited about sitting on it that I forget all about the dog poo and it gets in the velvet, and my teacher asks me why I didn't tell her? Everyone holds their nose, while my teacher takes my shoes off, and I'm not allowed on the chair anymore.

It's lunchtime at school. I have a pair of boys trainers on from the tramp box in the lost property cupboard.

The caretaker Mr Haywood is putting some sawdust on a pile of sick in the playground. I really like Mr Haywood, he only has one leg but that doesn't stop him doing things like cleaning the school. I tell him about my Birthday party later on and ask if he'd like to come, he says he'll think about it.

Nanny Pam comes round to help Mum get ready for my party. We make a cheesy pineapple hedgehog together and I help lay the party rings out and mix the angel delight. Mum covers everything in foil ready for when my friends come.

While I am waiting for my friends to arrive, I open some of my cards and presents. There is a card off Grandad that has a pint of beer and a football on, saying 'Happy Birthday...it's your round'.

My friends come and we sit around the the table to have some tea. I have a ham sandwich that I know Nanny Pam has made because it has her finger print in it. Dad shouts at me to stop showing off when I put four whole monster munch feet in my mouth without breaking them, but I am happy because I have broken my cousin Amy's world record.

Dad puts on a new CD he bought at the weekend in town. It's a band called Radiohead. We play pass the parcel to it and when it runs out we play musical statues to Dad's favourite band, called The Smiths.

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